We work for you as your consultant and organize and facilitate your dental treatment in HCMC. We accompany and support you to ensure it is of high quality as well as economical. Our consulting services are free of charge to you. If you are interested in extra services, like booking accommodation or tours we will inform you and quote you a competitve price

This is how you Employ our Services

  • You obtain a medical expenses plan for the dental treatment you require from your local dentist. Please also obtain an OPG x-ray and forward both to us. If you consider getting extensive dental work done (including implants) please also provide a 3D ConeBeam x-ray.
  • Subsequently, we will find the best suitable treatment provider in HCMC and obtain a quote. This is a free service.
  • You inform us of the date of your arrival in HCMC and we will book your appointments and prepare for your arrival. It is better to have the dental treatment done at the beginning of your stay, if possible.


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