HCMC is the biggest City in Vietnam by population (approximately 10 million). Until 1976 it was called Saigon and many people still prefer to call it that so don`t get confused. The city is expected to grow to about 14 million by 2025. The motor scooter is the dominant form of transportation and we strongly recommend you book at least one of our tours to explore the city.

Formerly a French colony, the French influence is still so strong, some call HCMC the Paris of Asia. French cafes and bakeries can be found everywhere and in combination with the really excellent Vietnamese coffee one could easily forget to be in one of Asia`s most vibrant and fascinating metropolises. You will have no problems finding pulsating night life and cultural entertainment. Numerous roof top bars and nightclubs invite you to party. Vietnamese food has a reputation for being very tasty and healthy. Italian, Thai, Korean, German or Japanese restaurants can also be found everyehere and are mostly excellent value for money. Try them out and indulge! Alternatively, sample delicious street food which can be found everywhere. Visit Ben Thanh Market in District One or one of the many modern and air-conditioned shopping malls to find something special or a good bargain.

We are happy to share our “special, secret places” with you. Want to do something crazy like ice skating in Vietnam? No problem! Tell us about your interests and we will gladly send you GoogleMaps links and a list of “must visit places” to get you started on the adventure of exploring Saigon. Don`t be surprised if you fall in love with Saigon like many before.

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