What are the advantages of employing VDS versus contacting a dental practice directly?


You benefit from numerous advantages such as:

  • Our dental practices are screened for meeting high quality standards on many levels
  • Dental practices compete to provide excellent value for money treatments
  • Free quotations
  • Unbiased advice on treatment options and dental procedures
  • Considering dental treatments, you usually have different options. We explain the pros and cons. When a more economical option is suitable/advisable we will inform you
  • We help you to ensure your dental vacation in Saigon is a full success – both, dental results and touristic experience
  • You receive assistance, guidance and information when you need it. We take your individual situation into account and you will experience a respectful, flexible and professional response
  • Representing your interests as your consultant strengthens your ability to mediate should any issues arise
  • You take advantage of extra services provided exclusively to our clients, our support network of good people, selected tour operators and valuable information to make the best of your time in Saigon


How much do you charge for your services?


Our services are free of charge. Please visit the category “Procedure and Cost” for more details.


How do I pay for the dental treatment?


You pay the dental practice either in cash (VND/USD) or by Visa/Mastercard  (recommended).


What warranties are provided for the dental work?


Dental practices provide warranties from 2 years up to life time (e.g. for dental implants) covering the cost of labour and repair/replacement of dentures. This may vary from practice to practice. Please inquire prior to treatment.


What information do I have to provide to you?


Some personal information, a dental plan from your local dentist and ideally x-rays (OPG and possibly 3G if you are interested in dental implants for instance). Having a dental plan is extremely useful since our dentists obviously cannot examine you.  They can then match their quotations based on your dental plan. Beyond just matching your dental plan they can also provide suggestions for alternative treatments for you to consider.


How much time will I have to allocate for my dental treatment in Saigon?


Depends on your treatment requirements. Most of the time 3 to 7 days will be sufficient. If you require oral surgery or implants you may need to visit twice. We will give you a time line for your specific treatment requirements.


Do I need a visa to enter Vietnam?


Depends on your place of residence. Citizens from many countries can enter Vietnam without a visa for a period of up to two weeks. A one- or three-month tourist visa is available and be applied for online for about USD 50 including stamping fee at airport.


What is the best way to book accommodation during my stay?


We recommend using online booking services such as Agoda.com or Booking.com. Alternatively, we can book for you a comfortable and quiet 2-star, double-room in a hotel close to your chosen practice for only USD 25 per day including taxes.


What is a realistic daily budget while staying in Saigon?


For food, accommodation (2-star hotel) and transportation you will easily get by for as little as USD 50 without making major compromises. Obviously, there is no problem spending more. Vietnam is one of the least expensive countries in Southeast Asia.


Is Saigon a safe place?


For a city this size very safe! Violent crime and the use of weapons are rare. There is some petty theft and the occasional scam but overall the crime situation is much more relaxed than in other cities of comparable size. Going out at night, even by yourself, is no problem at all. Watch your possessions, particularly in touristy areas and use common sense and you will be ok.

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