Dental Work in Vietnam

Expect the same quality of workmanship and materials you would enjoy in your home country. Regarding treatment costs, service and care you will experience very clear advantages in HCMC.

Your treatment provider will be a highly skilled dentist or a team of dentists, often with work experience and training not only in Vietnam but also abroad. You are in good hands and you will notice a high degree of professionalism. The dental labs use materials from Germany, Switzerland, the USA and Israel.

The facilities are modern, hygienic and inviting.

Our cooperation partners are familiar with treating international patients and will make sure you feel comfortable and well looked after.

You will receive a warranty on labour and materials of at least two years up to lifetime (e.g. dental implants). Details may vary in from practice to practice.

Dental Tourism in Vietnam

The idea of visiting a touristically attractive country while also having dental work done to take advantage of high cost savings is very appealing. Why should you specifically choose Vietnam? The answer is easy. Remarkably lower costs, high quality treatments, best treatment results, time savings and amazing tourism are the reasons why Vietnam is the ideal destination for patients from around the world.

Substantially Lower Treatment Costs

Average treatment costs in Vietnam are substantially lower (approx.70% less) than in western countries and lower even than in most Asian countries. High cost savings are explained by competitive lab, labour and building costs. The following table illustrates regional price differences (in USD) for dental implants. “High quality implants” are from the Swiss manufacturer Straumann/Nobel with Zirconia crowns.

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